This week’s Think Write Thursday task is to write a love letter. It could be a letter to a person, an idea, a project, a dream, a wish, a relative, a famous person, an ancestor or anything (or anyone) else you can think of.


Well, as you could have guessed, today I share my deep love for all that is knitting.


Knitting, I love thee! I will gauge the ways!
I love thee in the knits and purls and YO’s
My needles can knit, and cables to slip
Even when there are many ends to weave in
I love thee without fail in every day’s
Netflixing or some audio-booking.
I love thee in a top-down pullover.
I love the joy of matching hand knit socks.
I love thy charts, repeats, and in the round
And when I grow old and my eyes weary
I will knit my love in miles of garter
With warm, bulky yarn on great big needles
Right sides and wrongs sides are loved equally,
And blessed are they that inherit my stash.


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