While I am not witty like Emily Dickinson, I would like to give you a very warm welcome!

I am not certain if you are entering like a lamb or a lion – and really, how many days does one have to determine these animal like qualities? Yesterday it was warm, blustery, and rainy – today you mock us with pellets of snow. Do we get a few days to determine if you are a gentle lamb or a roaring lion?

Really, inquiring minds want to know!

However, you usher in a busy month:

There is March Madness, and
Springing ahead clocks…
Saint Patrick’s Day,
a doctors appointment(!!)
and who can forget the first day of spring!
There is even a wedding, which quite frankly has me a little worried. A size too small dress and a stagnating scale are stressing me out, let me tell you!
Oh… and there are new exercise videos courtesy of Amazon Prime, these are hopefully going to alleviate my stress and that damned stagnating scale!

Happy March Everyone – what is on your plate for this month!

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