Overnight snowfall certainly puts the arrival of March in the Lion Category. And, sadly, while we got snowfall – it was not enough to insulate the newly budding and growing things.

Frozen Chives make me sad.

Oh, and add to the mix what I knew would be inevitable with warm/cold/warm/cold weather – Welcome to the House of the Head Cold! Yeah – fun times!

Good thing I have a pile of knitting to keep me company. And, if that were not enough… Mary shared with me this juicy tidbit (which will make all of us Benedict Cumberbatch fans ecstatic!!) I have not read the books, but I got them on my Kindle yesterday.

Now, how about some links to keep your knitting mojo on track (or get it back on track…)

Sock knitting is always a good thing and there were a couple of nice patterns released this past week:

There was a plethora of shawls:

  • High Woods Shawl (on sale for £1 until Sunday morning)
  • The Bee Queen (Free until March 4)
  • Lori Versaci has sinuous – this is such fascinating construction!
  • Persistence – with donations from each purchase to a variety of organizations, i.e. ACLU, SPLC, Planned Parenthood, etc.
  • With Ease – a comfortable friend for your shoulders
  • More Svetlana – she is an artist with yarn and needles

Garter stitch sweaters make my heart sing:

Miscellaneous, but noteworthy:

And finally, Easter Bunny Egg Cozy… really, we all need these asap!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you back here on Monday!

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