This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is to tell a story about bullying. A time you witnessed it and stepped up or maybe a time you witnessed and did nothing. Or, if you haven’t had a personal experience with bullying, feel free to write a fiction piece on this topic.

Some weeks I would like to say – who the heck picked this, but yeah – that would be me, so I apologize in advance for such a challenging topic!

I think we would all like to say that if we viewed a person being bullied that we would step up and speak out. We would like to, but this is not always the case. However, recently in Olanthe, KS an incident occurred of harassment occurred and a bystander stood up for those being bullied, sadly he was injured in the incident that left one victim injured also, and one victim was killed. Still – someone stood up for what was right – even with peril to his life.

However, I have no such noble tale to tell regarding my heroics in standing up to a bully. Rather I found this quote by Michael M. Honda most appropriate:

Everyone in America likely has a bullying story, whether as the victim, bully or as a witness.

Let that sink in a minute… yeah, bullying is all inclusive…

Now I will share my story:

Most of my childhood I shared a bedroom with my younger sister, and we shared a double bed. Not so bad, really… unless one of you is a bed-wetter. My sister, sadly, wet the bed for years – really…years. However, thankfully, she does NOT read this blog! However, I am quite certain that I did not help at all in her bed-wetting issues, and perhaps I even made things worse.

I am ashamed to admit this today, but I delighted in scaring my sister with tales of the “monsters that lived under the bed, and if you could avoid them – the ones in the closet never, ever miss,” and delight I did. The more she was scared the happier I was.

Perhaps her wetting the bed was my just reward for being such a truly horrid child. I am most certain I deserved it, yet my sister, miraculously, does not hold my pathetic behavior against me – although we do not talk about the night terrors I gave her. Perhaps it is time that we do – a conversation that begins with my sincere apologies for my horrid behavior.

I am no longer that horrid little girl and I have grown to be a vocal advocate for bullying where and when I see it. I debated with my self about turning off comments for this post – but, I opted to leave them open. This post was not written to garner your sympathy, and as Mary said it is amazing the things we share here – if she could share her closet, I could do no less than share this story.

Today the final line from my Lenten devotion hit home… ‘is there a task that God has put on your heart?’ Yes, indeed there is.

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