It was a jam-packed weekend here at Casa del KatKnits…really, jam-packed, non-stop. Steve’s best friend from college got married on Saturday and Steve was the best man.

Despite the hectic feeling of the weekend, there were some great points of interest starting with Old St. Luke’s Church where the ceremony was held. We drive past this church frequently, but I had never been inside. It was nice to be able to do that. I love history and it is kind of exciting to be inside a building that has been here for over 250 years. The docent’s that were there to assist were veritable fonts of information and I enjoyed listening to them share the rich history of this little church.

Rehearsal dinner was at Fiori’s Pizza, which we had not been to in a year, the pizza was still good and so filling!

Saturday could not have been busier – really, it could not. I had a resistance huddle and a hair appointment; Steve had chauffeur Tom around before photos at the church. It was a LONG day! The reception was so much fun and while Steve was diet-conscious and did not drink much – sadly, the same cannot be said for me!

We clean up well, don’t you think?

Sunday, we headed out for a nice brisk walk out at Boyce Mayview Park – the birds were singing, squirrels were chattering away, and we even watched some hawks hunting. Best part…the brisk walk included some running!! Yes… actual running for several minutes, several times during the walk. I know… I am in shock too!

But, with all that busyness, I am feeling like I need a weekend from my weekend! Or maybe an additional cuppa to get Monday started off right! I hope your weekend was great and that your Monday will be too!

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