This week’s Think Write Thursday prompt is to write a post called Hello June:

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June. – Al Bernstein

After a truly incredible spring it seems most fitting that I welcome June and hope that in doing so, I might be able to make time stand still for a moment or two. Perhaps it will feel that way with her ever lengthening days and I can squeeze out a bit more from this incredible month!

Dear June, since you start with Dare Day, I will take up that challenge and dare you to stay twice as long as you usually do!

And, who can forgo National Donut Day! Perhaps I can convince Steve that we cannot live without Peace Love and Little Donuts Maple Bacon version…

I think that National Gardening Exercise Day should last all month.

There is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! This is a MUST DO DAY!

Then comes National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day! (See why it’s a good thing there is an exercise day?)

There is Flag Day (the perfect day to get your red on!)

I love that Father’s Day is shared with Go Fishing Day and International Picnic Day, but ironically not Golf Day which is April 26th, lol!

Who knew there is a National Selfie Day! Although it might be easy to smile brightly since it shares a day with Summer Solstice!

Then comes National Éclair Day.

Oh, and don’t forget Take Your Dog to Work Day! (Although, Sherman is lucky because he is at work with me every day!)

Swim a Lap Day? (Heck yes, maybe more than one after donuts, chocolate ice cream, pie, and eclairs!!)Content goes here

Aside from all that, June is really a fantastic month so I am going to slow down and savor it!

If you would like to see more Hello June posts, you will find them here. If you would like to join Carole and me on Think Write Thursday’s you can sign up here. We would love to have you!

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