Sometimes things happen that initially seem like a very bad thing, but after digesting it for a bit – you realize that rather than being very bad, it is so very good! Such is the case for me this month – I started the month with a job, and the month is ending without that job. It has been a good lesson in finding joy in adversity, and not only is there joy – but the joy overflows!

This free time has been quickly gobbled up by other things, funny how that happens – and those things (mostly reading and knitting) have brought much joy! On the reading front this month, I will have finished 9 books! When I look at my Summer Book Bingo sheet, I am filled with joy!

On the knitting front, I am hopeful that I will have a sweater completion before Friday – stay tuned…

My flower gardens brought me an abundance of joy as well… and an abundance of bees! I love watching the bees dance with the Foxglove, the Lavender, the Lambs Ear, and the Salvia!

And I am anticipating an abundance of blooms on my Butterfly Bush, so the bee watching will continue! And, there were some garden surprises too! My Easter Lily that had been eaten and did not grow tall at all brought forth 4 huge blooms!

The birds have been harbingers of joy as well – from the nesting Cardinal family in the bush next to the house, or the House Sparrow family in the bird house by the porch, to the determined Brown Wren who still has not found a mate, but has not given up the search! When the going gets tough, sing loudly! And, really – this might be the best advice ever!

There is just a small slice of the joy that filled my June! What brought you joy this month?

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