Today is CAST ON DAY for the uber-insane Sweater in 4 Days KAL!!

My yarn is caked, I have written this blog post on Thursday so know that my day will be consumed with casting on and knitting as much as I can before Steve gets home from work today. Then, the sweater will have a bit of a rest until next Thursday which will start the close of my knitting marathon.

I hope to get beyond the Great Sleeve Divide! Way beyond!

Now, I am really concerned that this is not at all possible, mainly because of the Bang Out a Sweater insanity… FYI that took me a total of 35 hours from start to finish (which is like 9 hours of knitting time per day… oy). But, I am ignoring that number and just going for it! Either that, or the summer heat has totally fried my poor brain. But, we shall see. I will be sharing progress posts via Instagram, so stay tuned!

OH!!! And Hello LONG weekend! It is a nice 4-day weekend here and poor Monday will actually get some weekend love in my house! Woo hoo!

Now, how about some links?

Protest is Patriotic Shawl is so great! Oh, and it is also gratis!

How many dolls (in your pockets)? I love it! LOL

If you did not hear, Gudrun is now a designer at Brooklyn Tweed! Congrats to you Gudrun!! And, I like Brora very much!

After seeing Mary’s test knit of A Twist to it, I think this will be something I cast on sooner than later! I really love how it looks, and especially how Mary’s turned out!

That is all I have for this last Friday in June! Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

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