Oh, Tuesday – I have nothing today so I am hoping that if I just start writing inspiration will hit.

This weather has been exactly what my annuals like – they are growing like mad and are all showy and beautiful.

The perennials are at the “in between” stage and I am looking for things that will bloom later in the summer to add in next year. Although, the Foxglove looks a bit bedraggled, it is still blooming.

Our Butterfly Bush is spectacular this year and it is taller than our pergola!

Audiobooks have been the best thing this summer. I have listened to so many great books by great narrators. Currently, I am listening to The Help and I am enjoying it – although, perhaps enjoying is not the best way to describe a painful novel however, the narration is superb.

Steve bottled his third batch of beer yesterday and on a related note, since the beer brewing began weight loss has been in a holding pattern. Steve says this is unrelated, but I think it is very relevant!

That is all I have for this Tuesday – I am going to try making these this morning. I will let you know how they turn out!

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