Oh, August…

It seems like you were just getting started, and now are too soon over. However, in your racing days, there were so many moments of joy.

The abundance of tomatoes and raspberries from my garden, it has been such an incredibly good year for tomato and raspberry production!

The dozens of bees and butterflies in all shapes and sizes that spent their days in my gardens.

Reading… so much good reading! By the end of the month, I will have finished 11 books! I cannot remember a summer when I have read better books!

Stitching…this month just might be my favorite!

Tuesday Knit Nights at the library – I am filled with joy by these incredible women and by the library that welcomes us with open arms.

These are just a few slices of August’s joy.

What about you? What brought joy to your August?

P.S. Pilates has also brought me much joy in August! And, if you are interested, there is a free 7-day session starting on September 11th! You can sign up here!



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