There was much to be joyful about in September from cooler days to the joyful return of summer warmth!

There was lots of walking and lots of knitting (but not at the same time!)

There were extra-long holiday weekends and even just a plain old long weekend, so September weekending was perfect!

The gardens again brought much joy, and while they are looking a bit bedraggled now, they certainly gave lots of wows! And, yes, there are still a few blooms on the Foxglove and the Yarrow.

I found joy in a new haircut and in early morning PIlates.

And, there was lots of joy at Tuesday Knit Nights at the library!

And, after 12+ hours without electricity yesterday, I can truly say that having the power return at 3:30AM is the most joyful thing ever!

Oh, and today I might even find some joy in the simple pleasure of taking a nap!


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