This week, just 3 things. Really. No more, no less.

Thing 1:

While walking last week I found these two stunning feathers. I wondered what bird they might have come from; my initial thoughts were either a hawk or an owl. Well, I was wrong on both counts. They are wild turkey feathers (thank you Google!!) It’s kind of nice knowing that the wild turkeys like our walking path. I feel like we are in good company!

Thing 2:

We got a bushel of apples from our local farm market. Really lovely apples, but a bushel. Luckily, I found this recipe thanks to Anni! Now, my riff on this will not include a crock pot, but I think it will still work even without that item! And, apple butter… oh yeah!

Thing 3:

I have been seeing some recipes for Damson Gin on Pinterest and this one looks almost too easy. I have never made Sloe Gin, but I believe the homemade version will be superior to the stuff you find at the Wine and Spirits Store. I love that you use the soaked Damsons in a Crumble. Yeah. My thoughts exactly. Sometimes Pinterest can be the worst time suck on earth, but this was definitely not one of those times!

There you have it, THREE things on Thursday! Now, if you want to read about more things, head on over to Carole’s!

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