Today’s post is going to be fast (and furious!) as I am still working through my lists, although I am nearing completion!

Thing 1:

Some semblance of Halloween decorating will be happening here today. This may involve outside lights of some sort or other. Really. I swear!

Thing 2:

We only have 2 more weeks of our local farmers market and this fact makes me just want to cry! On a bright note, my favorite farmer will have fresh Brussels Sprouts on Saturday. I.cannot.wait!

Thing 3:

We have been doing some planning and pondering about outdoor activity as the weather becomes more inclement…(not too soon, PLEASE!!) But, we really LOVE our walks/runs out at Boyce-Mayview and are contemplating what gear might be best for such weather. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would really welcome them.

Those are my things for the day… what things are looming in your world today!

AND, if you want to see what things are on others minds, you will find them over at Carole’s!

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