Or, what I did on my weekend.

Who knew that while living worlds apart, Marie Kondo and Margareta Magnusson were traveling the same path. I am well into reading The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning (or döstädning) and it has invigorated me and filled with all kinds of KonMari joy!

Enter the weekend, and so began the dreaded task of closet cleaning.

As Monday dawns, I am sufficiently thrilled at the cleaning, sorting, and shedding of unwanted things. I have a nice stack to take to the resale shop as well as a huge stack heading off to good will. And, this morning my trash man will haul away those things that were relegated to the trash pile!

AND, I managed to finish up the volunteer budget work on Sunday afternoon!!

That is a huge load off my mind and I intend to use that freed up space to plot out my fall knitting and do some swatching and sweater planning this week! I did break down last week and swatched for “Rusty” and after figuring out gauge, I cast on Thursday night and by the end of the weekend I am almost half way done with the body.

This week my “to do” list is so much lighter, it almost feels like no list at all. And, for this Monday morning – that is a very good thing!

How was your weekend?

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