The temperatures dipped into the frosty range last night, but today we are supposed to get up into the 70’s. This pairs with splotches of color finally showing up on the trees in my neighborhood! And despite this chilly start, I am so happy for the weekend to be here! I am committed to spending as much of it outside as possible since these warming days cannot last forever!

My friend, Beth has inspired me to get back to doing a little spinning and so after weeks months of my wheel standing idle I got it out this week and finished spinning up and plying this purple yarn. Sadly, I am not thrilled with the color and I also think it needs a bit more twist, so I will have run it back through the wheel to put a bit more twist in. I am not thrilled with the color of the purple yarn (I think it’s Targhee, but I am not certain). It looked very differently before I spun it up and my original plan was to combine it with this the fawn colored Shetland to become the yarn for Sarah Jordan’s Wynne. But, looking at them together in a photo I am not quite sure how much I like them together. So, what I thought would be a quick spin, is definitely not quick at all and has inspired much thinking and pondering.

And, speaking of thinking…I have been just wowed by Kym’s and Vicki’s “Arrows”! And, they have inspired me to begin gathering together all the leftover bits of yarn I have. I think Arrows would make a wonderful way to start off 2018! Anyone want to Arrow along with me?

And, because you can never do too much thinking…I saw this sweater in Traverse City and my daughter and I thought it was adorable (but it is not $51 adorable for a toddler!) So, I am scouring Ravelry for a pattern I can modify to knit this for Genevieve!

Now, how about a few links to think about this Friday!

That is all I have, see you back here on Monday!

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