This was the sunrise that greeted me yesterday morning. It was glorious indeed. Then when I later read this passage from Wendell Berry’s A Small Porch, it seemed the perfect picture to accompany this beautiful text.

A Small Porch: Sabbath Poems 2014 and 2015

By Wendell Berry

VIII. A Small Porch in the Woods


The watcher comes, knowing the small knowledge of his life in this body in this place in this world.

He comes to a place of rest where he cannot mistake himself as larger than he is, the place of the gray flycatcher, the yellow butterfly, the green dragonfly, the white violet, the columbine, where he cannot mistake himself as more graced or graceful than he is.

At the woods’ edge, the wild rose is in bloom, beauty and consolation always in excess of thought.

May today be full of that place of rest where we cannot mistake ourselves as larger than we are.

Happy Sunday, Gentle Readers.

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