‘Twas the Thursday before Christmas, and yet on my list….

There are way more than 3 things on my list, but these things are in the “must complete” category:

  1. Choir tonight, so I have rehearsal tracks to practice which will cut into my reading time today. Darn it all! Haha! However, this is only bad because The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden is wonderful, laugh out loud funny, and entirely perfect for getting things done!
  2. Seaming… need I say more. The knitting might be done, but I still have a bit of seaming to do!
  3. WALK! This has been on my list multiple times this week, but strangely it is not getting done nor crossed off. I have prioritized it today, so it gets done (note, this is again all due to The Girl Who Saved Sweden as I have told myself that the ONLY TIME I CAN LISTEN is when I walk!) Oh, the bargains we make with ourselves! LOL

That is the peek at my list today. Want to see everyone’s lists? Head over to Carole’s!

See you back here tomorrow!

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