Sometimes the best thing about a weekend is the surprise extension of it on Monday morning. That’s right, Steve’s office is closed today because if you have days on end of at or below zero-degree weather, when it rains and instantly freezes creating a ginormous disaster of ice.

That puts Monday in the win column an even nicer treat after the quiet weekend we had.

I read lots. It felt so good to just sit and do not much but that.

I also did some knitting. I was really not happy with the ribbing on Treysta, so I ripped it out and did the same thing as the neckline (a rolled edge knit with a much smaller needle) This looks much better to my eye and in trying it on, it feels much better than the loose ribbing. I think I need to put ribbing on the list of things that I need to work on improving this year.

The weekend might have included more than one of Lidia’s An Italian in Manhattan. These are so good! And, they are super simple to make:

An Italian in Manhattan, ala Lidia Bastianich:

First off, Lidia says to put your glasses in the freezer at least 15 minutes before you plan on sipping this delightful concoction. She is right, it is an absolutely necessary step!

**Please note, this makes 1 cocktail**

  • 2 ounces whiskey (we used Crown)
  • 1-ounce Cinzano Rosso vermouth (we did not have this in the house, but I did have Martini & Rossi and that worked just fine)
  • ½ ounce Averna (or other Italian amaro) **amaro is in the Campari family, it is the much darker cousin
  • 2 amarena cherries in syrup, drained (I found the cutest little jars of these at my local Trader Joe’s)

In a cocktail shaker with a few ice cubes, combine the whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Averna. Stir to combine. Strain into the chilled glass, drop in the cherries, and serve.

I would add: repeat as necessary, just because.

And, so now on with my Monday that is a continuation of the weekend. I hope you are warm and dry wherever you are!

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