Sometimes the thing you wish for is the thing you get! I am sitting her wondering how on earth it is Thursday already, and then remembered I was hoping for a quick week, and quick it has been!

Thing One:

My new girl crush: Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina! Her comments at the sentencing of Nassar were powerful, brilliant, and I hope, inspiring to the victims.

Thing Two:

I am still working on shedding these last 30 lbs. I got a bit derailed over the holidays and was feeling disappointed in myself…that is until I took my measurements this morning. I have lost 3 more inches which I am entirely crediting to Pilate’s!

Thing Three:

The three tubes became one!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I am off to do a bit of a happy dance, and my Pilates! And, then knit a bit! I am wondering if I can get Stopover done by tomorrow… Happy Almost Friday, err Thursday everyone!

Oh, and if you want to see more things head on over to Carole’s!

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