The weekend was kind of a chaotic blur. In the perpetual search for storage in a house with no storage, which is the bane of our existence, we again reorganized/reworked some rooms. It did not end well, and Steve is back at work today, sans that weekend feeling. End result, we fiddled with a few rooms with no real solutions found. Sadly, you cannot create storage space where it does not exist.

On a brighter note, if there had been more knitting time, I might have gotten this little bear done! But, even with the scant amount of time I did spend knitting this week, I got a surprising amount done! Several of you have asked about the Fiddly-ness of the kitting of this little bear. It starts out in a very easy and straightforward manner. The instructions are clear and concise – my one pro-tip, thus far: attach the bear head to the body after you have knit a good bit of the hood. Knitting the hood around the bear head has been the fiddliest part of the process thus far. I will let you know how the arms and legs go, but I am not foreseeing any major issues! I really love how she has configured picking up stitches! It is so insanely easy!

With so much chaos all weekend, it was easy to convince Steve that Sunday supper should include Margarita’s and happy hour food and at least for a few moments we did not care at all that Monday was looming large!

Usually my list for Monday includes several loads of laundry, but today I am passing that task on to Tuesday’s list! I am reclaiming some weekend minutes before Steve gets home from work today.

How was your weekend?

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