Thing One:

Spring Envy: Yesterday’s snowmageddon was an assault to my spring longings. The fact that I had to stitch snow into my spring sampler was painful. However, this mornings trek outside with Sherman had me rethinking “painful” as the poor robins in the photo so aptly showed me what painful really is. They are all puffed up and are perhaps even more pissed off with these dregs of winter than I am!

Thing Two:

Knitting Dissatisfaction: The new knitty is out. I had looked with interest at Arashi, but the directions seem unclear to me and a bit too ambiguous, even for an adventurous knitter. And, the other 12 patterns? Well, nothing there screamed “knit me” at all.

Thing Three:

Risky Driving Drawing: Thank you to the Bridgeville Police Department for this brilliant tweet yesterday. A picture is worth a thousand words… or crashes as the case was yesterday! But, note to the artist… next time make sure the map is of Pittsburgh rather than Washington DC!

These are my things for today, random as they are! Want to see more? Head on over to Carole’s!

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