Lots going on today and it even appears that it will be a nice weekend here in Pittsburgh!

First up…don’t forget to vote! Round Three is open with so many good choices!

Tonight, the first clue in Larissa Brown’s Lunar Phase MKAL will be out! I am so excited to see where this will all go. AND, it’s not too late if you want to join in!

I am steaming along on my Cluaranach as well and am into the body of the second half… basketball will gain me some knitting time this weekend!

Now, how about a few links to close out this crazy week:

First up, everything you every wanted to know about cables is here. Thank you to Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford! (and Kay and Ann!)

For Poe fans everywhere: Nevermore

Did you all see Gramercy Park in the new Twist Collective? This is going on my spring knit list, I just need to figure out what yarn i want to use!

Calyx… oh my!

Holly Dress…oh.my.gosh! It is so cute!!

And, finally…Evening in Edinburgh. Wow…this is really stunning!

That’s all I have for this week! Have an amazing weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday!

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