There is so much to share today, I don’t know where to begin!

First up… Cluaranach, she is finished! Now begins this great internal debate about blocking her. I am of the mindset this morning that I really don’t want to lose all the glorious texture. She needs a bit of a Soak™ wash, but maybe I will just lay her gently out to preserve the texture. TBH, I have never tried to do this before – preserve the unblocked knitting – and I am uncertain that it will work. But, maybe she will be just as wonderful all blocked out to show off the glory of all her stitches… What would you do?

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And!! One cleaned up hair cut FTW!! However, I am not likely to be able to “recreate” how my hairdresser styled it did on my own. In all honesty, I possess zero “doing hair” talent at all and I was very torn on what to do with my hair… cut it off or stay the course on growing it a bit longer. But, I am happy to report that I am staying the course! Ponytails (which are not beyond my skills!!) are on the horizon!

Next, my favorite Pittsburgher has some more Nebby-ness in the works. I am especially excited for Nebby #3, which is all about “People Who’ve Written Books Around Here”!! I can’t wait…and have added a few more books to my ever growing “Nebby Reading List”!

Did you see that Brooklyn Tweed has a new yarn coming later this month? The wool comes from Bare Ranch and their Climate Beneficial American Rambouillet wool and I am very excited as the wool is being dyed here in Pennsylvania!

MDK is hosting the “mother of all knitalongs“…

All the Facebook uproar over the past few weeks has me seriously considering my use of the platform, and thanks to Kym’s post I realized just how many things I use that I login to via FB. It is a bit daunting but, this post helped me unlink it from Spotify. Note…this worked, but not as seamlessly as Callie spells it out in her post. Pro-tip if you try this when you need to create a new Spotify account for them to transfer the data from your old account, open a new browser window to do it.

Today’s links are all about the sweater:

Isabell Kraemer’s Jaycee

Katrine’s Froya

Kirsten Kapur’s Cherry Lane and Foxhall Studio

Elizabeth Smith’s Stevie

Caitlin Hunter’s Tegna (which is not new, but showed up this morning in the “Ravelry Hot Right Now” queue…this would be the perfect summer sweater, just sayin’)

That is all I have for this week! Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

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