One of my absolute favorite things about any knitting project is the final step…blocking. From the yarn blooming, to the stitches evening out, to the wonder that happens when you pin out a garment – for me this is the magic of knitting.

I have been secretly working on my Lunar Phases MKAL – I have clues 1 and 2 done. Blocking of each piece was required before the final clue, so I thought it the perfect time to share the images of the first 2 parts. How this will all come together is still a complete mystery to me, but I must tell you – I just love how the colors I picked are working together. I achieved the exact water color effect I was hoping for, and my “pop” of color is so fun!

But, the pièce de résistance is my finished Cluaranach. Yes, I blocked it gently and I am entirely in love with her! She will be my new Clapotis, which I wore everywhere for years. I wish you could feel this yarn. Sadly, Lanas Puras Meloso Fingering is discontinued, but if you look on Ravelry there are some skeins available for trade or sale… just saying! You can see my modifications on Ravelry.

I am back to knitting sleeves for my Strokkur, and this freaking weather has had me wearing a warm sweater every day. While, I long for spring, Mother Nature seems to have different ideas. I am hoping that if I finish this blasted sweater I won’t be able to wear it until late next fall! Ha!

Now the reading… oh, my!

I finished The Beautiful Mystery. SO.Much.Good! 5-stars and I highly recommend it (and all of the Inspector Gamache series)!

I also finished Dan Smith’s The Child Thief. Dan Smith does not disappoint, and I highly recommend any of his books if you have not yet discovered him. The twists and turns in this book were unexpected and the ending has me wondering if there will be another book coming! I also finished I am, I am, I am: Seventeen Brushes with Death, which I found interesting, but there are parts that are more than a bit unbelievable. Both of these books had a short due date from the library and I could not renew them, so they perked to the top of the list.

I am also engrossed in listening to Jason Matthews Red Sparrow. I am more than half way through this riveting novel.

What are you making or reading (or both!) this week? If you wrote a post today, please leave the link to the post in your comment! And, thank you!

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