Last Thursday we got our vegetable gardens all planted. It was a long day’s work, but it was a very good distraction so the worry about Sherman did not overwhelm me. It got me thinking about things I do to avoid being overwhelmed by something else. Okay, confession time… there are even things I do so I can avoid doing something I don’t want to do at all (i.e. procrastinating.)

Thing One:

Gardening is one of my favorite early morning things to do. No phones, no texts, totally unplugged – just me, the dirt, and the plants. It is the best therapy I can think of for highly stressful situations. Plants are wonderful listeners and are completely non-judgmental, and birds riotously singing lifts even the saddest spirit. Even weeds can be a good thing… they are the perfect target of frustrations and aggression. And, last week when my worry level was off the charts, they provided a balm to my ragged spirits with a bonus of a sense of great accomplishment at the end of the day when the garden beds were full of tomatoes, beans, potatoes, and peppers!

Thing Two:

Knitting is my super-power, and that is a true fact. I do not like to sit “idle” at all… I am fidgety. Knitting gives my hands something to do and allows me to focus. It helps with waiting, with long car rides, and for those times when I just need to be still. Sadly, it is also the thing that helps me perfect procrastination! Knitting or dusting… I know, it is a tough choice and dusting rarely ever wins!

Thing Three:

Audio book reading/listening has really helped me amp up my reading completion numbers! It also is the best companion for walking, or making dinner, or sipping coffee in the early morning. It helps with making beds, and doing laundry, and yes – even knitting! It has also reduced the amount of time I watch television!! And, when I actually do haul out the dusting cloth – a good audio book keeps me company and I am not really focused on how much I dislike the task.

There you have my things for the day… want to see more things? Head on over to Carole’s!

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