Greetings Unravelers!

Happy Post-Election Day! Yesterday, I had all these plans to knit and read at the polls, but holy cow… there was NOT a minute to do either all day! And, I had a planned post for today, but a bout of insomnia last night altered that a bit. (Because, of course when you must be up extra early you can count on not being able to sleep that night… oy.) I am not a “napper” but today… that might just be happening! LOL

So, lets talk a little about my NaKniSweMo…I swatched. Carefully. I did not get stitch gauge with a size 4 needle, but I got row gauge. I got stitch gauge with a size 3, but I did not get row gauge. So, I chatted with the gauge whisperer and cast on another swatch for the lace work. The lace work looked good in the size 4, so onward I went.

Spoiler… my lace work is at some astronomically LOOSE gauge. As you can see in the below image the lace work should be shallow… m’kay?

Mine is not. At all. In fact, my lace work exceeds 8-inches in depth…unblocked…

And, so… sometime this morning, I will be ripping the lace out and reknitting it… on the smaller needles!

All I can say is that I am so glad that my state results matched as I voted… so there’s that.

On the reading front:

I finished Robert Galbraith’s Silkworm and loved it! It got 4-stars and I was so happy to see that Career of Evil was available from the library! I began listening this morning!

I also finished a short and quick Agatha Christie novel, And Then There Were None. I enjoyed the format of this audio book, being like a play with multiple characters! 4-stars for this little gem.

Sadly, I began listening to Educated and I just knew this book was going to go places I did not want to go …so I stopped listening and returned it to the library. Life is too short to read painful books!

There you have my unraveled week. I truly hope your reading and knitting are much more pleasing than mine! And, as always, if you wrote a post to share today, please leave your link below!

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