I am happy to say that the Gnomes were a huge hit as was the Half-Beekeeper Cowl – so much so, there was a request for another one!

However, now begins the days of selfish knitting! I am back at my ADVENTurer wrap! I am also happy to report that I got gauge with for the January Gansey with my failed Tegna yarn. It seems much happier to be knit at this gauge – so a good match of pattern and yarn! I will be working slowly on this over the winter – but my priority is to finish my ADVENTurer wrap and hopefully next week I have made some significant progress! My goal today is to finish “days 9 and 10”.

This week, however, is really all about the books and I am sharing with you My 2018 Best Reads! To date, I have read 151 books, I think that number will end at 153 – I have a few days left and I am almost done with Tenth of December and I also would like to finish Meet Behind Mars which is due back to the library on Saturday, so I need to get reading! Of those 151 books, however, I rated 57 of them as 5-star reads! That means that almost 38% of the books I read this year I thought were exceedingly excellent! But, out of those 57 what were the best of the best?

It was very hard, but I have winnowed the list down to 10 that were simply spectacular, with 4 runners’ up that deserve some recognition. These books were ones that moved me deeply, stayed with me, spurred interesting conversation, and made me stop and think.

Runner’s up:

If you are looking for a book to take you into the New Year, I highly recommend any of the books on this list.

That is all I have this week, but I want to know what you are making and reading! If you wrote a post to share, please leave your link below, and thank you!

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