A Thursday that feels more like a Tuesday seems appropriate to have a post of random things!

Thing One:

Next week, Juliann starts us all with One Word – a truly wonderful way to spend the year! I did not do this in 2018, and I really missed it so, I will be participating in 2019. If you are thinking about your word and need some inspiration, the internet has it! You could try this, or this, or this!

Thing Two:

Bitty Baby loves her snowsuit! It’s amazing what you can do, even if you are not sure of how it will work out! And, there is a very good lesson in there for me!

Thing Three:

Today begins my 58th journey around the sun! And – seeing the sun this morning is a most excellent start to this journey! I am spending today with lots of good things: some reading, some knitting, and some Chinese for lunch!

It seems impossible that tomorrow is Friday already but I will be back with my final TGIF post for 2018. Happy Thursday everyone!

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