Tegna has finally become a practically mindless knit! Yes, the lace work is done, and I have reached the stockinette portion. Woo! I have also started my second skein of yarn!

Although, it has not had much attention this week as I thought a new spring/summer sweater might be a lovely thing. In my stash reorganization from a few weeks ago, I found a large bag (17 skeins!) of some Jo Sharp long discontinued, cotton blend yarn and I have been thinking about what to do with it. I did some swatching over the weekend and found that the fabric I liked best from this yarn matched the gauge exactly of Deschain! Perhaps this is how I should swatch in the future – knit a fabric I like and then find a pattern to match my swatch!! Haha!

Anyways, it is a fluid, drapey fabric – and I have more than enough yarn to make it a bit longer and I think I am also going to do some short rows in the back as well. And, can I just say how quick this is knitting up? Honestly, I only knit it on Monday, give or take a couple of rows I squeezed in before bed last night and I am just 2 or 3 repeats from finishing the front! I have high expectations to have this sweater finished and soon!

The reading this week has been mostly very good and I finished four books!

The very good reads:

Sir Ernest Shackleton’s South: The Story of Shackleton’s Last Expedition, 1914-1917. This was an amazing read – the bravery of the crew just astounded me as did their temerity at surviving in practically impossible odds. I listened to this book, and highly recommend it – 4-stars.

Maria Shriver’s I’ve Been Thinking… This book came at the perfect time for me. I recommend it as well! 4-stars.

Paul Auster’s Timbuktu – hands down, this was the best book I read this week. I laughed, I cried more than once, and my love of Paul Auster’s magnificent writing grew even deeper! If you love dogs, you must read this book. 5- stars.

And, finally – the book I really struggled with:

Louise Erdrich’s Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country: Traveling Through the Land of My Ancestors. This book was a struggle for me – I had a very hard time keeping track of all the details and it just felt very disjointed. I sadly am giving this just 2-stars.

That is all I have for this week, and as always:

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