It feels like ages since it has been Friday while simultaneously feeling like I have had a month of Friday’s!

Today my thoughts are full of getting my brain and body moving back to a normal schedule – vacation eating, drinking, and sleeping are not the same as home eating, drinking, and sleeping. My body is ready to move on from vacation even if my brain is not. And, to begin that return to normal, I thought that a TGIF post was the perfect transition!

Thrilled –

My garden and especially my rhubarb! Two years ago, I divided my plant and last year I thought I had killed it. Several of the plants looked like they were not going to make it. I did not harvest any stalks and it was a very sad year. This year is a different story though – while I did lose a couple of the divided plants those that survived are thriving! I will be harvesting stalks soon and I was surprised to see these interesting blooms. I will be making rhubarb syrup soon and I am also going to make some rhubarb compote to add to my morning yogurt.

Gobsmacked –

I did indeed go to the quilt show yesterday and was absolutely amazed at the beauty I saw! Every quilt was amazing and there were so many of them! I saw and voted for my friend’s quilt, of course. But the Best of Show was truly stunning! I tried to get photos, but the lighting was just so horrid, so I apologize for these less than wonderful photos – but these quilts were some of my favorites! Bonus…Steve won some money while I was spending some! Haha

Inspired –

#memademay – I have been participating but am not as creative as Mary! If you have not been following her on IG, you are missing out! I am impressed with her lack of repeats 10 days in – I have had repeats, partially because of my limited vacation wardrobe. But, honestly – I was totally okay with those repeats. Things that good very good rotation were my Sigla sweater and a couple of Esme tunics. And, when I think about what I want to wear every day something easy like those items are the first thing I grab. What I really need though are a couple more pairs of capri length leggings and I think I might try and make a self-drafted pattern. I also have an eons old Chico’s linen shirt (truly, it is at least 15 years old) that I wear and wear and wear – I have often thought about drafting a pattern from it, but it has so many pieces (collar, cuffs, facings, button plackets) but maybe I can modify a pattern I already have to give it the things I love about the shirt.

Fun –

I took so many photos this time in Michigan – I think because I only took my iPhone and left the “big camera” at home. I also took a good bit of video! I have been thinking about how best to utilize, save, and share the images and videos I took. I will be spending some time next week playing with some programs to put something together. It is amazing the volume of apps there are to do this, but not all of them are “this user” friendly, lol… but stay tuned!

That is all I have for today! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother’s Day and I will see you back here on Monday!

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