My “regularly scheduled knitting” has been preempted by some fast and furious gift knitting. That’s right, I have been doing some very “not me” knitting for my girls who love to get knitted gifts, yet often complain about woolen scratchiness. Nothing scratchy about these cowls – no sir! They are soft and cozy (although I am not sure how warm they will be….) Anyways, this is one super-fast knit! One done, and the second well underway! I had hoped to get more done yesterday, but we were pleasantly busy at the polls! My plans for today include an afternoon curled up on the sofa knitting! And, I expect to be back to the Morning Dew Cardigan later this week!

My reading was supercharged this week:

I finished Inland and while this was slow going to start, it finished wonderfully! The characters are well developed, the story full of just the right amount of whimsy, and the ending… oh my. It was really wonderful. 4-stars – this is a “western” that does not feel entirely like a western.

I also finished I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a White Made for Whiteness – this was a short but powerful novel. “This is partly what makes the fragility of whiteness so damned dangerous. It ignores the personhood of people of color, and instead makes the feelings of whiteness the most important thing.” In a year of trying to read books that open my eyes, change my viewpoint, and disassemble my white fragility – this book was like a Psalm – well-written, powerful, and so thought-provoking. 4-stars and I highly recommend.

Finally, I finished Book 6 in the Sandhamn Murders – In Harm’s Way. These are truly the most enjoyable little mysteries – and Sten leaves the door open for some new interesting character lines. 4-stars.

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