Greetings Unravelers! I hope that for a few minutes at least, you can step out of the kitchen and spend a moment or two sharing your dreams of what you could be knitting or reading this week! Once this is posted, it is Pumpkin Pie City for me! Of course, my Pie City is amateur level compared to Carole! However, this year I did make the crust as well as the filling! Small steps, right?

In the realm of making – I never seem to have stagnant times. (However, don’t look too closely at any flat surfaces in my house, dusting almost never wins over making!) This week I finished my second Tsé biníi doo headband. This one with some mystery yarn and some wonderfully fluffy hand spun. The beige yarn is tightly spun, and I am hoping it will bloom *and soften* some in its bath. However, I carried the yarns in such a way that the inside is mostly my hand spun, which is so soft and light. I am going to try and full the inside a bit. I have taken the red headband out for a test walk on Monday and, Unravelers… we have a winner! It is cozy and warm exactly where it needs to be!

Today (when that pie is in the oven) I am going to work on those socks in hopes that I will have soon have a HO** and can start on its mate!

My Evening Dew Cardigan is calling me though… I have roughly 11 inches of the body to go, which if it sounds like a lot of knitting – it is. But if I can get those darned socks done, I can spend some guilt-free time knitting it!

Also, Made by Rae’s Luna pants have been resized (and while I don’t think elastic ankle joggers would even remotely be attractive on me, this hack would!) Anyways, the pattern is on sale and I have added them to my pattern library!

Also… sock knitters, a heads up for you! Did you see Renovare by Jennifer Burke? I know, I am not a sock knitter, but these are gorgeous! (And knit with sport weight yarn, so even more to love!) I got the pattern and plan on these being my “post-holiday” splurge and I’d love it if you’d join me!

Now for the good and the bad of reading this week:

I finished The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates and I loved it. The story is masterfully told as it weaves around the life of Hiram Walker.

I finished Benediction, the final book in the Plainsong Trilogy and loved it also – for very different reasons. The entire trilogy has just been a joy to read, purely for the joy of reading. The writing is straight forward and honest (as in, how most people talk every day). Yet it makes you think. There is good and bad – just how life is. And, yet despite that – life continues. I highly recommend this series!

Finally, I finished The Downstairs Girl which I found to be a bit of a disappointment. It had potential, but never really took off for me.

In the “I could not finish” category: Celine. I could not get into this story at all and gave up about a third of the way in.

And, that is what I have for today – now it is PIE time! I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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** Half an Object

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