Swatching for something new for Winston has begun. ML Egan kindly asked me to test knit Avery, a vest that she published 10 years ago! I will be knitting two of them… one at a fingering weight, and one with DK yarn. A vest should go quickly, as long as I can get gauge! (FYI… I am no longer linking to Ravelry for any patterns I mention here. I will give you the pattern name and if you use Ravelry, you can search it yourself. I will continue to do this until Ravelry is accessible to everyone.)

Yesterday I finished weaving in all these ends of my little Leland and it then got a nice spa treatment. Today I will pick some buttons to stitch in place and then it is off to Michigan! I can’t wait to see Winston modeling it! He is growing like a weed and, I predict, will be wearing this sweater soon!

I also have re-ignited my love for Ranunculus… I am almost done with the body and will soon be on the last sleeve and wearing it shortly! It will be perfect for these waning summer into early fall days. The mornings have had a delicious cool feeling to them, making a sweater the perfect garden/dog walk companion. One thing I did very well in this Ranunculus version… no ends to weave in! Yes, you read that right! Kestrel is a knitted tube, so I have been able to make the most ingenious Russian join, leaving me with no ends to deal with. I am kicking myself that I did not do that on my first one!

This week I read two of the most diametrically opposed books ever, lol! But both were so good! So. Good!

The Good Lord BirdThe Good Lord Bird by James McBride
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Come and listen to the life of Henry Shackleford. James McBride makes you stop and think… and to question what you believe. I agree with others who said that parts of this book dragged a bit, but the ending… oh my. It is spectacular! I highly recommend this book!

The InnocentThe Innocent by Ian McEwan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The curious mind of Ian McEwan never fails to amaze. This book though… I did not see so much coming! Wow! And the irony of the title was not lost on me! If you are looking for a quick read with lots of unexpected twists and turns… read this book! I have not stopped thinking about it and would love to read this book with a book club!

That is all I have for today, as always if you wrote a post to share please leave your link below!

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