Greetings Unravelers!

First, a bit of housekeeping for next week! There will be an Unraveled post, but it won’t be up super early. I will be working the polls next Tuesday and I am planning that it will be a LONG day. However, I do hope to have the post up by 9 AM EST. (and have you made your plan to vote?? lol)

This week’s making revolved around spinning and a wee bit of sewing preparation! The spinning though! Every week, Sarah posts the most gorgeous photos of fiber, spinning, and finished yarn… she is nothing but inspiring! So when HipStrings posted this on IG there was no way at all to not buy some! I have one braid spun up! (I am stressing a little about the plying… but I have lots of spinning to finish before I get to that!)

As for my sewing… I have taken some lovely black linen and a bit of left over blue linen and have all the parts cut out to begin sewing a bag from my Lotta Acquisition!

It was another slow week for my reading, but the book I finished was enjoyable.

This Is HappinessThis Is Happiness by Niall Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everybody carries a world. But certain people change the air about them.

This book. Oh boy, where to begin. I have never been to Ireland, but this book took me on a journey! The writing is simply beautiful, I highlighted so many bits. This book was so full of yin and yang… happiness, tempered by sadness… new life, tempered by death… of life so lived it is epic!

The truth turns into a story when it grows old. We all become stories in the end. So, though the narrative was flawed, the sense was of a life so lived it was epic.

I highly recommend this book!

As always, if you wrote a post to share – leave your link below and thank you! I will be back next week! Have a lovely remainder of your week everyone!

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