I am not quite sure how it is the last Wednesday of May, but here we are.

Kym hoped that I would share my “list” and I think that is a very good idea for a couple of reasons! One: accountability (which is a very good thing for me! lol) and Two: if I have a list, I will be less likely to be distracted by something “new and shiny”!

So, here is my very short list:

  1. Finish Purl Strings. (see below!)
  2. Repair torn Esme Tunic (see below!!)
  3. Rehabilitate/re-work denim Esme Tunic
  4. Repair waistband on Rose pants (it needs to be removed and replaced)
  5. Knitting
    • Neutral Shawl
    • Black/dark sleeveless sweater (possibly MDK Shakerag Top?)
  6. Sewing
    • Comfy linen pants (From Sonya’s new book)
    • Dressier Esme Tunic
    • Two comfy tops to go with jeans (from Sonya’s book)

As you can see, I almost have a finish to share. I have just a few rows and a bind off to my Marled Purl Strings completion. It should be soaking later this morning and then a wee bit of blocking and I will be wearing it for the long weekend!

I have completed the “repair work” needed on a well-loved, well-worn tunic that had a bit of a tear. But by cutting off the sleeve caps and adding bit of bias tape – it is wearable tunic again! The rehab from my list, is going to require a bit of work. I know what I want it to look like, but I don’t exactly know how I am going to accomplish it. Stay tuned.

This weekend, however, I want to get ready for Anne Hanson’s MKAL which starts next month… this neutral yarn will soon fill a hole in my wardrobe… one “go with lots of things” neutral shawl. Purposeful making, FTW!

I also want to get the patterns I traced off from Sonya’s new book pinned onto fabric and cut out so that in case it is a rainy weekend, I will be able to get some sewing done!

Ambitious plans but I hope to stay motivated!

It has been a slow reading week with just one finish but it is an excellent book!

Prince Of Fire (Gabriel Allon, #5)Prince Of Fire by Daniel Silva
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think the Prince of Fire is the best Allon book yet. Realistic and timely, Allon has a new team and a new target. The story moves along quickly… or does it. The twists and turns are excellent and the ending is brilliant. I highly recommend this series!

That’s all I have for this week! I am taking a wee little break for the holiday weekend but I will be back next week Wednesday with some more making and reading. I hope you all have an amazing LONG weekend!

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