It has been a slow making week here at Casa del KatKnits… but the three tubes have been joined which seems like a good thing…and it is! It means I am closer to a finished sweater, but it also means I have monstrously long rounds to knit… monstrously long! But I am close to the decreases/color work portion and color work always seems to fly for me. But it is truly at the “slog of sweater knitting” right now. (and sorry I can’t post a better image than the one I did… one almost black blob is just so attractive, no? lol) I also about to finish my second “plate” of Plötulopi, I will likely start a third, but won’t use much of it.

Sometimes the reading for the week is just so amazing you can’t move past it. I had some of that this week. I have not stopped thinking about What the Chickadee Knows… it was just so good. The other book I read was good as well, but in a different, disquieting way. This week brings two more bingos and just 5 books to a cover-all… so I am feeling zero guilt at not working on my card and instead immersing myself in a re-read of Beach Music and could stay there for the remainder of the summer quite easily. (We also arrived at the It’s My Bingo Card So It’s My Rules portion of the summer reading, lol… )

What the Chickadee Knows (Great Lakes Books Series)What the Chickadee Knows by Margaret Noodin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book of poetry will likely be my favorite book of poetry for the year. Noodin shares words in Anishinaabemowin and then they are translated to English. She gives you a “road map” for reading the poems in the native language so that you can linger over the Anishinaabemowin before diving into the English translation. I read this book through multiple times and was sad to have to return it to the library… a copy has been purchased so that I have it in my collection. I highly recommend this powerful little book!

Summer Book Bingo Square: Color Bird in the title

The Hand That First Held MineThe Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O’Farrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oof… what a story. I started out listening to this story wondering what the connection was between these two very divergent story lines. They seem utterly unconnected… yet there is this disquieting urgency… a sense of foreboding that kept growing inside me as the story progresses.

We meet Lexi and Elina… one young and carefree, who eventually has a child; the other a new mother… who arrived at motherhood with no recollection of her child being born. And so the story takes off from there. O’Farrell’s writing is something to savor… her prose, her development of characters, the tiny breadcrumbs she begins to drop as the story progresses.

But the ending… oh my. I did not see that coming (even though O’Farrell told us it was coming at the very beginning) It was a jolt to my senses, but then as O’Farrell begins to put all the pieces together something entirely different emerges… and for me Lexi becomes the shining star. (I had really not liked her much prior to the ending… but boy, was I wrong!)

If you like O’Farrell’s writing, you will enjoy this tale. I highly recommend!

Summer Book Bingo Square: That you want to read because of the cover

That is all I have for today. I hope you had a more productive making week than I did!

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