Greetings Unraveler’s!

First up, I really LOVED all your answers to Monday Questions! My mouth was absolutely watering… I had to look up Watergate Salad (which I had never, ever even heard of before – much less eat!) and I am now very eager for the EATING to begin! lol

I had hoped to share the finished Advent Calendar… but it has not arrived yet. I have my finger’s crossed for next week!

Instead, as you can see above, I have started a second sock! And I am really loving Former Me who made such wonderfully detailed notes! I don’t have to think at all while knitting… it is simply the best!

Also… someone asked what yarns I used for the hat in this post. Sorry about that, I should have told you… I followed this pattern and used one skein of Hudson+West Weld and one skein of Wobble Gobble KidMo held together. I have LOTS of the KidMo leftover and I am thinking it might find its way into a cowl in the coming days! Karen knit one earlier this month that I think would be a fun knit and I have some handspun Cormo that would be a lovely companion to that fuzzy yarn!

These days, a sock and a cowl are about the extent of my Knitting Brain Bandwidth.

Unrelated to my making this week… I stumbled across this darling little stop motion video recently! I love all the needle felting, the knitting (the sweaters on the bunnies are just adorable!), and the hand sewing (That skirt! The Apron! Those trousers! That winter coat!!!) What an incredibly creative way to use wool! I thought you might all enjoy seeing it too!

As for the reading this week. I have two finishes to share but I will do that next week. I am in the midst of reading Matrix though… and I am wondering where this story will go! It is a curious book!

However, no reading or knitting will be happening soon… I have a list of things to prep and bake today for Thanksgiving!

What about you? What is keeping you occupied today?

As always, if you wrote a post to share please leave your link below and thank you!

I wish you all the Happiest Thanksgiving and I will see you all back here on Monday… (with an update on my word, if you can believe it!)

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