It seems fitting that for this final Monday in January that I close out the month with some poetry and this poem by Linda Pastan seems perfect for today!

I think many on the east coast will be nodding their heads at Linda’s imagery! I hope this Monday finds you all dug out and back to a semblance of normalcy!


by Linda Pastan

the snow
has forgotten
how to stop
it falls
at the glass
a silk windsock
of snow
under the porch light
tangling trees
which bend
like old women
in their own
snow drifts
up to the step
over the doorsill
a pointillist’s blur
the wedding
of form and motion
shaping itself
to the wish of
any object it touches
chairs become
laps of snow
the moon could be
breaking apart
and falling
over the eaves
over the roof
a white bear

Blizzard by Linda Pastan from Poetry Magazine, 1978

Happy Monday all! I will see you all back here on Wednesday!

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