Happy President’s Day. Sort of.

Anyway, if you have the day off today… good for you! If you don’t, I am so sorry. It is supposed to be simply glorious today in Pittsburgh with temps approaching the 60’s!

It was just amazing to head out with Sherman this morning to hints that the day would be sunny and bright and with just a sweater on! The air was full of birdsong and it was simply glorious!

Speaking of Birdsong… my favorite app has had some recent updates that are quite spectacular. You can now record the birdsong and it will identify the birds it “hears”. I have tried it out and find it to be insanely accurate! (This morning’s chorus included House Finches, Robins, House Sparrows, Song Sparrows, Crows, and Blue Jays!) Some of the birds I could see but many I could not see at all! If you are a “birder” and you have not discovered The Cornell Lab’s Merlin…well, you are missing out! And! Right now there is a bit of a Bird Count going on and you can help by noting the birds you see and hear!

Over the weekend the Great Planning of All The Trips began… oy. Why does something that should bring such joy create such friction? I think we have our trips to Erie worked out and I am still waiting on some schedule confirmations from my kids. (It’s times like this that I wonder if a single child might have been a better idea, lol) The meshing of multiple schedules is not for the faint of heart and it was so much simpler when at least 2 of them were in the same state. That luxury is one I took for granted…sigh.

The single thing on my agenda for today… The Great Closet Shuffle! Yes, we have reached that time of the year when you need to have a 4-season wardrobe so I need to pull a few warmer weather things out.

My treat for getting this promptly done? Agatha of Little Neon! I am almost done and am simply loving every single thing about this little book! (That and turning that heel of my Vera Socks!)

Happy Monday everyone! See you all back here on Wednesday!

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