Today I have a stack of letters that I need to get in the post… buckle up!

Dear Citizens Bank Mortgage Department,

I realize that your goal is that people who have a mortgage would never pay it off and make all payments on time…and refinance frequently. However, when we called for a payoff letter… we were serious. Never did we imagine that your payoff letter would be incorrect… by a whopping $3.00. Just enough to keep the loan open… Which would keep our auto-payment open, but not pulling any payment because $3.00 is, of course, less than our usual mortgage payment.

So we called you. And called you. And called you some more. And then we got a late fee. And you reported a late payment to the credit bureau… which I am wondering how that is even possible since we don’t owe a payment!

Likewise, it is so comforting to call a customer service rep who is working from home with audible television and kids in the background. I really don’t think she is going to make our problem a priority.

Anyways, you have assured us this will all be fixed *sometime next week*… excuse me if we don’t hold our breath and we will be calling on Tuesday just to make sure!


Mortgage Free, minus $3.00…

Dear Weekend,

I know that you are usually full of some fun, some good food, and for sure… a cocktail or two. This weekend will not be that. I just want to let you know that clear liquids and jello does not mean I am upset with you… I just have this little test on Monday to get ready for.

And the timing on the “prep” portion of my weekend “fun” will be determined later today when they give me a “go time” for my procedure…but I am really hoping that I do not have an afternoon appointment on Monday!

Nulytely FTW

Finally… a letter to myself:

Dearest Kat,

I found this marvelous quote this week… perfect timing for you!

To learn something new, you need to try new things and not be afraid to be wrong. ― Roy T. Bennett

It seemed to be your mantra this week because you tried lots of new things… (new shoulder seams, new bind off, and another painting!)

I know you felt a bit overwhelmed, but you listened to the advice in this week’s painting lesson and incorporated it in your painting! Yay for different brushes… and using those brushes differently!

I am so impressed with your bite-sized approach to this week’s lesson… a little bit each day and you did not get overwhelmed!

I think this is a painting that you will look back on and say things started to click for you… and you can even see the forest *and* the trees!


Your Kinder, Gentler Inner Voice

And with that, dear readers, it is the weekend.

I will be back on Wednesday with some Unraveling. Think good thoughts for me on Monday!



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