Is full of random things…

This week I welcome autumn and over the last week or so I have been closely watching the subtle (or not so subtle) changes outside… Sherman and I head out before the sun rises now and this morning was especially dark with only a chorus of crickets to greet us. Rain is in the forecast for us today and it feels decidedly autumnal outside. And honestly, this fills me with such delight… I love autumn and plan on savoring every second of it!

Work has been so stressful for Steve the past couple of weeks and adding to that stress is the “revolving door” of people out with COVID… we sort of joked over dinner last night who would be out this morning. Really, it is not a joke at all… but rather the joke is what extra jobs Steve will have because of the COVID Casualties. And I am really trying to hold off on getting the updated COVID booster until October and pair it with my flu shot…sigh.

I semi-watched bits of the Queen’s funeral this morning and I heard a commentator talking about The Guns of August, which I had read a couple of years ago and the conversation around that book this morning spurred me to put it on hold to read again (apparently, lots of others were likewise inspired to read/reread it!)

My next watercolor class begins Thursday and I have just two lessons from the previous class to review. To begin with, I thought that I could use a “watercolor sketchbook” to review – thus not using actual watercolor paper – but that was not smart because there is nothing like actual watercolor paper. The techniques don’t work the same in the sketchbook as they do on watercolor paper… but lesson learned!

A dozen or so years ago, I bought several “linen big shirts” from Chico’s. I love them… but I am “down” to just two left so I am debating on taking one apart to draft a pattern from it… or look for something similar. I am not sure how I might draft the pattern without taking a shirt apart, but maybe there is a way? If any of you have any experience in this… please do share!

And with that, I am off to work on my list! Happy Monday!



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