Greetings Unravelers!

This week, I might have entirely jumped the Knitting Shark… I am knitting the actual packages not just the gifts! LOL Yes, our “surprise” this week was a Stack of Presents to knit and stitch! And what do presents need?

A tree of course. So I have one completed and have cast on another – which is likely all I will get done for this year! Haha!

The Gnome Knitting is progressing…with lots of pieces. And I still have no idea how this will all come together!

Lots of bits, no big ‘parts’ yet…

Speaking of Gnomes, you all have asked for a group shot…which is a bit challenging given they are all on my mantel. But I am sharing some photos of them as they sit on the mantle, thanks to a. beautifully sunny day yesterday! And my fun addition to my Gnome Village? I picked up a strand of felted woolen balls garland from Trader Joe’s… it is so colorful and fun!

Left to right: Gnocchi (Mr. April), Gnellie (Miss February), and Gnutmeg (Mr. January)

Gnewt and Gnobleberry, the Gnome Poem writer (June)

Gnaomi, the spinning gnome (Miss November) and Gnorton Smokes a Pipe (September) and Tree #1 tucked in between them!

Gnutkin, the acorn keeper (October) and Gnigel the Gardening Gnome (July)

Gnarly Marly (Mr. August), Gneville (Mr. March), and Gnorwen (Miss May)

The other making that has been occupying my time is painting…! Last week’s lesson was perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it was chocked full of interesting techniques and I learned lots… and am making friends with my “fine line masking fluid bottle” lol.

An ordinary Tree Trunk as an extraordinary subject… maybe not, but still so fun to paint!

The final lesson of this session dropped yesterday but I am hardly “done” painting. I picked up a couple of single painting lessons and I will begin working on them as soon as I have turned in my final “homework!” And, I have another class starting in the New Year. Painting has become such an integral part of my week… I think about painting, I practice painting, I talk about painting, and I enjoy it all so very much! I am proof that you are never too old to learn something new… and in fact, you just might be better at learning later in life!

On the reading front, I finished (boo!) Winter Solstice… and I had one “gasp” moment when one of the character’s recites a line from my favorite winter poem/hymn: In the Bleak Midwinter. This was a book I did not want to end… I could happily stay tucked away in Scotland with Elfrida, Oscar, Sam, Carrie and Lucy. It was utterly delightful.

I have been trying to listening to Meacham’s His Truth Is Marching On, John Lewis and the Power of Hope. It is good, but I am having a hard time staying “tuned in” to listen to it. So I returned it to the library… I will request it again next year when I am not so scatterbrained! LOL

I tried French Braid, yet again… and bailed yet again. No third time for me on this one. It is not a book for me. Instead, I have been finding myself drawn to listen to John Banville’s Time Pieces. It is utterly delightful and exactly what I need (apparently) right now.

I also have The Burgess Boys waiting in the wings after I finish Time Pieces (which will likely happen today!)

What about you all, how’s your making and reading going this week? I will be back tomorrow for our Monthly Gathering of Poetry!

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