After the longest night, tomorrow we sing up the dawn. There is a rejoicing that, even in the darkest time, the sun is not vanquished. As of tomorrow, the days begin to get longer as the light of day grows. While the gentle winter sun slowly opens its eyes, let us all bring more light and compassion into the world.  ― Dacha Avelin

Greetings, Gentle Unravelers! Happy Winter Solstice! Welcome to the return of the light!

My plan with this post is to do a bit of a Making Review for 2022. I am likely to finish just one more project this year… Gnoelle is inching ever closer to finish and by the time Saturday arrives, I think she  will be close to completion! (I think the last clue will arrive that day!) Let’s begin my Twelve Months of Making shall we?

  • In the first month of ’22 I knit a cowl for me and a Gnome who is named Nutmeg.
  • The second month of ’22 was lacking any finishes but, yes there was a Gnome! Whoa Gnellie!
  • In the third month of ’22 I knit a pair of socks, a test knit for the awesome Ms. Mucklestone, a Handspun Hitchhiker, and Gneville the Gnome! I also turned a set of sheets into some very retro pjs for me!
  • In the fourth month of ’22 my Gnome Family grew to FOUR with the addition of sweet Gnocchi!
  • In the fifth month of ’22 I knit a slightly too large Tegna for me and wee Gnorwen for my mantle!
  • In the sixth month of ’22 I knit some Socks for Sam… and Gnombleberry and his wee brother, Gnewt, joined the Gnome Gang!
  • The seventh month of ’22 I knit another Gnome… dear Gnigel who has knitted carrots!
  • In the eighth month of ’22 I reached Knitting Knirvana with my Calamus Pullover. The.Best.Sweater.Ever!! And Gnarly Marly rounded out the making month!
  • In the ninth month of ’22 I dusted my sewing machine off and cranked out two sweatshirts and a pair of denim pants. And Gnorton Smokes a Pipe joined the Gnome Gang!
  • The tenth month of ’22 saw the completion of an eons old project… Ye Olde Pheasant Pullover. (The Pheasant Sweater reminds me that I really want to make this lovely sweater so perhaps I need to add it to my 2023 knitting plans!) And the most adorable Gnutkin came to be! AND… one too big, but wearable muslin jumper/tunic.
  • The eleventh month of ’22 and the making is slowing down, but Gnaomi joined the Gnome Gang!
  • The twelfth month of ’22 still has some days to go, but I have two knitted trees, one stack of packages, and a soon-to-be-finished Gnoelle!

Whew! That’s how you make not a lot of making look like way more than it is! Hahaha!

I also perfected my bread baking skills… I baked lots of bread in ’22. I also perfected poofy pitas!

My most inspiring making is all the watercolor painting I have done this year. I started in earnest in July with a beginning watercolor class and I have not looked back. I took 3 classes this year and have no plans to stop… my next class begins in January and it has rapidly moved into the favored making category.

Rocks and “moving water” was a true challenge and the perfect way to end this class on making the ordinary extraordinary!

Although Gnome Knitting will forever hold a special place in my making… I do so love those little Gnomes! My Year of Gnomes was! Steve thinks I need to make all the gnomes for his mom in ’23.


But I also think my Gnome Gang needs some more trees and a house or two. However, I am certain that I will continue to knit Gnomes as new patterns are released. There is Gno Making Like Gnome Making! Haha!

Next week I will Unravel my reading for you all and share my Most Loved Books of the Year!

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