Brings a slow start thanks to a bad bout of insomnia this weekend. Ugh.

So I am easing myself into the week gently, with an extra cup of coffee before I begin the “Monday Chores.”

But there is sunshine again today!

And I have some weekend embroidery wheels to catch up with and I have a painting to finish, of course! But I thought that these hearts would be perfect (and quick!) coasters for Valentine’s Day…incentive for finishing that painting today? Yes, I think I could get a few done tomorrow with time to spare! I already have a bunch of random width strips in my scraps bag!

I am thanking my last week self for making a big pot of chili which will be our leftover dinner tonight… so the dreaded “what’s for dinner conversation” won’t happen!

And with that, I’d better get started! I hope your Monday is off to a quicker start than mine!



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