I read the poem I am sharing today earlier in the month and I did not know then how much these words would help me as the month progressed. I have memorized these words – it was simple to do so – and they have become my litany of hope as February has had some daunting challenges.

Langston Hughes wrote this poem, part of the Shadow of the Blues, in 1987. John Musto set the four poems to music, which you can listen to here (Island begins at 5:03). I did not need the music to find the balm of hope in Hughes words though… and I hope that you do as well.

by Langston Hughes

Wave of sorrow,
Do not drown me now:

I see the island
Still ahead somehow.

I see the island
And its sands are fair:

Wave of sorrow,
Take me there.

From The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes.

If you want to read more poetry, Bonny is gathering us all together today! If you’d like to join me with Bonny and Kym and share a poem…we’d love to have you!

See you all back here tomorrow.

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