I have not done a ‘mail bag’ post in too long. My witty-ness seems to have been on hiatus. But then this week provided me with a few letters to send out on the inter-webs.

Dear Highly Recommended Physical Therapist,

I left my ortho appointment with the delightful Dr. McLane with a referral for some PT addressing “Kathryn’s hip and spine… [because] any time you load the joint she has pain. Now getting secondary iliopsoas pain as well.” However, her all caps, punctuated with asterisks handwritten note was of greatest concern: *PLEASE DO GRASTON TO ILIOPSOAS* … Excuse me…but what?

The Google provided me with some answers, but they were a bit like opening Pandora’s box… of horrors. I watched a video and barely made it through the viewing, and I have no idea how I will make it through the “technique”. I am familiar with “no pain, no gain” but I am not sure this was what Jane Fonda had in mind when she quipped the phrase. In looking up how to pronounce iliopsoas… I realized the irony of the phrase… it appears I can look forward to not only a sore hip, but a so-ass as well…yes, psoas is pronounced so-ass.

But let’s address the real culprit here… the insurance company… you see, what Dr. McLane really wants to do is get an MRI of my hip, but the Insurance Company says that before she can do that she must prescribe PT or they will proscribe the MRI.

So, dear Physical Therapist… I can only ask that you be kind, and so very gentle… oh, and just so you know… I bruise very, very, very easily.

An already sore… and now very worried patient

Dear Now Indicted, Twice Impeached DJT,

I have so many thoughts on your yet sealed indictment which indicates that you might be guilty of some crimes:

But, I think that one of the Central Park Exonerated said it best here:

Yes, indeed… Karma is at times so utterly delightful!

Alvin Bragg’s biggest fan

And finally…

Dear March,

You have been one exceedingly long-ass month. I am so over your fickle temperatures, your wild winds, your taunting hints at spring that you quickly squash with wintry rains, sleet, and yes… snow.

I’d say don’t let the door hit you on your way out… but I am slamming it hard, so it just might!

See you next year, and please… be on better behavior!

Eager for April

And there you have it for my week! Have a great weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday!

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