April ushers in the second quarter and so it is time for me to share a “currently” post and share some random things that I don’t talk about on the regular…

Thinking —

I have not stopped thinking about this post since I read it. In that one post, Anne has provided so much for me to think about… and this all ties in so well with my word this year. And while I am well past menopause and the empty nest blues so much of what Anne shared hit home for me… most especially the body neutral discussion. Anne’s words “knowing that these measurements are morally neutral” were so powerful. I had not taken my measurements for eons, so I began there. It was not easy, but I did it and even wrote down all the numbers! By avoiding the whole subject of measurements, I was living in some fantasy world where the numbers were somehow the same as they were the last time I recorded them. The numbers are what they are… and being authentic to myself means loving myself exactly where I am today… with the current measurements and reminding myself that they are just numbers. I am also thankful for inclusive pattern makers, bold and beautiful influencers of.all.sizes. and for finding a new-to-me voice… I have queued up this episode to listen to this weekend.

Perfecting —

Detroit-style Pizza… a couple of weeks ago that I tried a recipe that at first attempt needed several adjustments for it to be successful for me. Well, I did some Googling and found someone who likewise tried the recipe and felt it needed some tweaks as well. So last weekend, I gave her tweaks a try… and had great success! I could not find any Wisconsin Brick Cheese, however TJ’s aged cheddar worked just fine. The crispy cheesy crust was incredible. I will definitely use Serious Eats recipe again!

Watching —

I have recently discovered the delight that are the Midsomer Murders series! I have made my way through the first couple of seasons and I am in love with DCI Barnaby and his trusty side kick, Sgt. Troy. Barnaby is a good detective, and he always figures out “who did it” and the Oxfordshire Midsomer countryside is beautiful.

Anticipating —

A trip later this month to visit Erie and most especially, Presque Isle! We are planning on doing an early morning bird walk… and I am super excited about that! We will also do our own bird walking, but it will be so fun to go with someone who knows more than we do! We also have plans to have a libation or two with a meal from Cork 1794. We are working on some “new” things to add to our agenda… so if you have any Erie tips for me, I welcome them!

That’s all for me this week. I will be back with you on Monday! Have a great weekend all!




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