Greetings Unravelers!

On Sunday, I had 3 sweatshirts and a skirt that were all ready for the sewing… and this morning, I just have one last sweatshirt to go!

I have sewed both versions of Sew House Seven’s Toaster Sweater and I love both of them! The directions are clear, concise, and with their usual tips for a more professional finished product! I really love their patterns!

Version One is the more sweatshirt-ish of the two and the fit is fabulous. There is a collar, but it is not tight or restricting… and it has super generous cuffs! I got a couple of traditional sweatshirt fabrics that have a nice weight but are not stiff feeling at all.

Version Two is the dressier version, which I made with French Terry. I was not sure about the neckline, but it works! It is relaxed but not sloppy looking at all. The only thing I will change on the next one I sew is to make the sleeve a tiny bit wider at the cuff.

I also sewed Sew House Seven’s free Cosmo Skirt and I tried it with a somewhat sturdy rib knit. I was worried about the fit on a slim, straight skirt, so I took *many* different measurements and graded the pattern accordingly. I was skeptical about this fitting well… it is a super simple construction – two side seams and a waistband. It worked better than I expected, but I don’t think it would have with a lighter weight fabric (or at least not on my body!)

I have one final sweatshirt to sew and I will finish it up this morning! I have barely knit a stitch, but I did manage a few rounds on the second Red Sock (and since I took the picture, I managed a few more rounds and am about to begin the heel flap!)

On the reading front, I bailed on Tomorrow X3… I know many of you loved this book, but it was not for me… which is fine, there is not a shortage of books for me to read, so I moved on to a book that President Obama loved, After Lives by Abdulrazak Gurnah and it was the perfect book for me right now! I have about an hour to go (I am listening to it) and both the story and the narration are very good!

At night, I am still (yes, still!) working my way through The Covenant of Water, but I am close to completion… and it is getting better (although it is still LONG! IMO, it could use a good bit of editing) but the story has picked up, and I am again eager to see where this all ends up!

That is all for me today… back to the sewing machine for me! What about you? What is commanding your attention this week?

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