Greetings Unravelers and Happy Last Wednesday!

It feels good to be back in my routine… laundry is caught up (as you all know it is really never “done” lol) and we (in the ‘Burgh) are back in a week of summery weather. I am loving this “Second Summer” especially after the frosty Monday we had! However, this spate of warm weather is delaying the Bulb-o-rama that is this box…


I have bulbs for naturalization (daffodils and crocus), tulips (I love them so so much! I am hoping the deer won’t love them as much as I do though, lol), and some alliums to have another spring plant for the pollinators! I have my plan for planting and the forecast looks like once we get through the next 7-ish days, temps go back to more seasonably cooler temps… perfect for planting all these bulbs!

There was little to no making on my trek to Erie… by the time I sat down at the end of the day I was tired and the lighting was not fabulous so I barely knit any rows and only stitched two squares. But sometimes a break from making gives one a fresh perspective when you pick the making back up! I am one repeat, a toe, and a heel away from a new pair of socks! And I am forcing myself to finish my Pressed Flowers wrap after that is done. But I really, really, really want to knit something that is NOT MOSAIC KNITTING! My hope is that with this self-imposed knitting plan, I will be casting on something NEW soon!

The reading had only one highlight… Death Comes to Marlow (book 2 in the series). It was delightful! The other book I finished will not be a favorite (Old God’s Time) but ymmv. I am currently listening to The Running Grave (Cormoran Strike Book 7) and I am loving it as much as each previous installment! My evening read, The Underground Library, (a Netgalley book) is really not my cup of tea reading. History-lite-romance… is just all sorts of meh… trite… predictable. I have about 15% to go and yet it feels like it will never end! I kept hoping that it would get better but, thus far, it has not!

What about you all? What are you making and reading this week!

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