Brings a few small celebrations!

Celebration One… Sherman’s ear is ON THE MEND! (it is not 100% yet… but we still have a few more days of drops and pills and we see the vet again on Friday so I am hopeful that he has turned a corner!)

Celebration TWO… The Starter… she has risen!! (Now, she has not doubled in size, but I live in hope that today she might!) I have begun looking for bread recipes… so if any of you have a favorite, I’d love if you’d share it!

Celebration Three… we will have no water for most of today, thanks to the water company doing some major repairs. This means Monday Laundry has been postponed until later this week! LOL

And there you have my Monday Celebrations. What about you? Are you celebrating anything this Monday?

See you all back here on Wednesday with some unraveling!



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